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Đặc điểm Dàn nóng Điều hòa Trung tâm LG Multi V-III
Đặc điểm Dàn nóng Điều hòa Trung tâm LG Multi V-III

Đặc điểm Dàn nóng Điều hòa Trung tâm LG Multi V-III

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  Đơn giá bán: Liên hệ
  VAT: Liên hệ
  Model: Outdoor of LG MultiV
  Hãng SX: LG
  Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

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Nhà phân phối Điều hòa không khí số 1 Miền Bắc
25th Floor, GreenStars Building, 234 Pham Van Dong, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
024 2209 1111
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 dieu hoa trung tam lg

Đặc điểm của Hệ dàn nóng Điều hòa Trung tâm LG Multi V-III

dieu hoa trung tam lg

High cooling and heating COP

ㆍHigh efficiency BLDC V-scroll inverter compressor
ㆍHigh efficiency BLDC inverter fan motor
ㆍHigh air volume fan
ㆍOptimal heat exchanger distribution

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Maximum single unit capacity of 20 HP

MULTI V lll offers bigger capacity of 20 HP for a single unit. Two basic modules, One Fan (up to 12 HP) and Two Fans (up to 20 HP), can be combined freely. Since one outdoor unit is enough to heat and cool a large area, the design of the MULTI V lll is simple and installation costs are kept to a minimum.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Technical innovation for high COP

As MULTI V lll has high efficiency parts, advanced interver control technology and optimal cycle control technology, the system’s unified performance has been improved. Based on these advanced technologies, the product provides customers value through high efficiency and energy savings.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Continuous heating operation*

Continuous heating operation is possible with this product. Usually, when heating is being operated, freezing occurs in an outdoor unit heat exchanger. In such a situation, the usual way to solve this is to stop the indoor units and perform the defrost operation on the heat exchanger. However, since MULTI V III uses the split defrost technology it can operate heating continuously without stopping any indoor units, improving heating efficiency and always maintaining a warm indoor environment.

* Continuous heating operation can be switched to existing defrost mode depending on environmental conditions.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Night silent operation

By using, fan control technology and the real-time outdoor temperature detection technology, the product is equipped with the night low-noise operation function. 9 steps of low-noise operation are possible to provide more quiet operation during the night. More detailed information, please refer to the PDB

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Real-time smart operation

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Extended piping length and elevation

Because of the product’s use of inverter control technology and sub-cooling control circuit technology, it is possible to design a system with longer piping length and world-class elevation difference. With this product, since a cooling and heating system can be designed more flexibly in a high-rise building or complex facilities building, the esigner’s working time is reduced, thus allowing a more efficient design.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Space utilization by smaller size

The product size is reduced by up to 38% compared to the conventional products, reducing the required installation space greatly. This gives you more free space and thus allows for easier HVAC design.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Maximum combination capacity of 80HP with a single pipe

A combination of up to 80 HP can be made using 20 HP units. This makes it possible to design a HVAC system that fits into an extensive space. The usual major problems in design, such as installation space for outdoor units, pipe shaft space and piping line, are no longer an issue.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Eco-friendly design

We produce not only high efficiency products that have excellent energy-saving capability, but we also develop eco-friendly products with green technology that protect the earth and the environment. With these products, we are leading the world in low carbon and green development.

R410A Refrigerant

R410A is an eco-friendly refrigerant, with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Since all the products use R410A refrigerant, they exhibit higher efficiency and energy-saving capability compared to products that use the conventional R22, thus contributing to global environmental protection.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

No refrigerant leakage design and production

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Auto leakage detection

The product monitors the operation status data in real time and decides the appropriate amount of refrigerant and displays it. It also automatically notifies the user of any small refrigerant leakage.

Refrigerant recovery and reuse

When performing maintenance on the product, the refrigerant is not discharged to the air but can be saved by collecting it in an outdoor unit, a refrigerant pipe or an indoor unit. This increases environmental protection and reduces costs.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

New designs for low noise operation

To provide our customers with high cooling and heating performance at a minimum size, and as well as a pleasant environment ensured by quiet operation, MULTI V III uses various low noise technologies. It has minimized operation noise by using a compressor with BLDC motors, low noise fan motors, new soundproof technology, outdoor fans, and a newly developed shroud shape.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

High static pressure fan

Since the product uses a more powerful high static pressure fan, the outdoor unit can be installed not only on the roof of a building but also inside the building by using an air duct. Because of the high static pressure fans and the BLDC fan motors, a sufficient air volume can be acquired for heat exchange and no re-circulation of the discharged air currents occurs. Depending on the building structure, you can reduce the piping length by installing the outdoor unit in the machine room. (Maximum External Static Pressure : 8mmAq)

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Wide operating range

The product has more extended continuous Fin layer Salt Spray Test for 15 Days cooling and heating operation range and operable range than the conventional products, enabling more extensive operation. It has extended the operation range by using more enhanced inverter compressor and control technology.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Flexible indoor unit combination

Since up to 64 indoor units can be connected and there are 13 types of 71 different indoor models that can be connected, a variety of designs tailored for individual construction usage can be made. Up to 200% efficiency can be achieved with different combinations.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Easy and safe transportation

With compact size and smaller weight, the product is designed to be easily transported by a regular elevator when installing it in a building where it is difficult to use a crane. The product is designed for the installers to be able to move it safely and easily. In addition, bigger capacity of 20 HP per unit makes installation work easier by reducing the load of transportation and the installation time. Because the product has wire holes which can be used when it is transported by crane, you can ensure safe transportation. The product has the design that provides reduced installation time, enables convenient transportation and, above all, considers safe installation, and thus MULTI V lll provides product reliability.

Fast and safe transportation by a forklift

There are forklift transportation holes at the bottom of the product, designed to make it easy for a forklift to load, transport and unload the product. The product also has scratch prevention guides that prevent a forklift from scratching the product during transportation.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Safety design for crane use

Provides enhanced safety during transportation by a crane due to the holes that prevent the product from falling and protect it from external impacts.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Compact product design allowing transportation by an elevator

Since the product size is reduced, the product can be easily transported by an elevator.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Free 4-way piping connection

The piping lines for the outdoor unit can be connected in 4 ways (front/left/right/bottom piping), allowing various custom construction depending on the individual site. If the piping lines are installed on the floor (bottom piping), the product looks neat as they are hidden from view and, in addition, the piping lines also do not interfere with gas/liquid lines, making the installation work safe and convenient. Piping line tray work is not necessary depending on the individual site, which reduces additional working hours, and also makes maintenance easier when the product is installed in the machine room.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Automatic detection for incorrect connections

In the conventional products, if an installation engineer has connected a liquid line to a gas line by mistake, you have to take the trouble to check the piping line connections for the indoor units installed over the ceiling. However, MULTI V lll automatically checks the connections of piping lines and communication lines with its FDD(Fault Detection & Diagnosis) function and notifies the user if there is any problem. Usually, installation becomes more and more complex as the number of connected indoor units increases. But, with the automatic detection function of this product, installation is made easier and, when an indoor unit has a connection problem, you can take action quickly because the automatic detection function will inform you about that indoor unit.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

Real-time fault prediction function

With the conventional products, their performance and reliability would be degraded due to a slight fault with a sensor or the EEV. However, this product allows you to check the current status for the sensors and the EEV, which are the major components for system control, through a auto test run. Since the auto test run inspects the current status of the sensors and the EEV with of many operation conditions and alerts you of which one of them has a problem, you can take action quickly even if a problem occurs within the normal operation range.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

New virtual sensor back-up function

When an indoor unit sensor malfunctions with an abnormal value although it is detected as a faulty part, an outdoor unit can estimate what should be a normal sensor value and control the unit, which improves system performance and reliability.

dieu hoa trung tam lg

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